Solicitor and Barrister

What is the difference between a solicitor and a barrister?

A barrister is lawyer in the common-law system who specialises in litigation. This may mean that they advise on the outcome of cases the strategic elements of running a court case as well as being involved in the drafting of documents related to court cases. The major role of the barrister is to conduct court appearances. There are many tasks which barrister performs in their role as court advocate. They will need to present the opening in the case, they will need to argue the points of law and evidence as they emerge in relation to their clients interests. They will need to examine witnesses and cross-examine witnesses and if necessary re-examine witnesses. They will need to argue in relation to the admissibility of evidence if the judge in the matter has a view on this. In a criminal matter, they may need to address the jury on the facts of the case and what they believe the verdict is in relation to their client or if they the prosecutor on the guilt of the client.

A solicitor on the other hand, spends most of their time out of court. Solicitors are involved in the day-to-day legal affairs of their clients, primarily focused on tasks such as conveyancing of property transactions or providing legal services to businesses such as drafting contracts, the protection of intellectual property, the filing of defamation suits, advice on regularatory issues or any other type of legal service which their clients will need in order to assure their business processes. Some solicitors work in government departments where they do corporate work for large government organisations or they may work for legal aid department and be funded by public money to service clients who cannot afford to pay for legal services of their own accord.

So as you can see there is a big difference between a solicitor and a barrister. They have different roles in a specialised in different tasks. If you need to talk to either we have solicitors and barristers available online now to speak with you. Alternatively you can enter your details and contact form to the right.


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