What does it mean to be a QC barrister?

In the first place is important to note that there are very few QCs left in Australia.  The title of QC meaning Queen’s Counsel is a very old title which would only be applied to lawyers who attained this status before the beginning of the 1980s.   It is a term which connotes great respect within the legal profession.   It is the highest level of professional recognition that a barrister can reach.   Barristers retained the title of Queen’s Counsel through a period of professional practice and experience of several decades.  They needed to make a substantial contribution to the tutoring of young barristers and the formation of jurisprudence through their submissions in particular cases.  It is largely a title of honour and respect within the profession.

Since the 1980s, as part of the move to Australia to become a republic very senior barristers came to attain the title of SC or senior counsel.  It was a project of the Whitlam government in Australia to change the titles of senior members of the legal profession to reflect a move in Australian society towards republicanism rather than retaining the hallmarks of monarchy.  The title still connotes a lifetime contribution to the bar and to the law and the legal profession.  It still requires the tutoring of young barristers in the arts of advocacy.  It still represents a great honour to made a Senior Counsel.

Having access to a barrister of the standing does not come cheaply.  However a barrister at this level, is at the pinnacle of their profession having decades of experience and an unmatched level of seniority within their profession.  If you have a very large legal matter or a matter which requires the best lawyers available at any price then you need a QC or an SC to represent you to.  If you would like to speak to a lawyer of the highest calibre, we can arrange for you to be put in contact with a suitable barrister or you need to is post the details of your case in the contact form to the right.  We can direct you to an appropriate lawyer to assist you.


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