Legal Advice

What is the value of good legal advice?

Good legal advice is extremely valuable.  If you accurately understand your rights and obligations in business or the community in general, this is a big step towards making the legal aspects of your relationships with others much more harmonious.  Obviously, good legal advice can really only be provided by a good lawyer.  Lawyers help people personally in a number of ways.  Many people will see a lawyer to buy or sell their house or to make a will.   In these examples, if you don;t get the right advice, you could overpay for a property and not have the same entitlements that you thought you would have or you could have had.  You might not dispose of your estate in a way that gives the maximum benefit to your family.  In the case of criminal law, obviously, if you get arrested having a good lawyer can mean the difference between lengthy incarceration and freedom.

However, there is a fundamental problem with the way that our society oraganises the provision of legal services.  The legal profession charges fees for its services which are so high that the law is basically only accessible to very large companies or very wealthy individuals.  This means that the law often seems to be biased to these people and institutions because they are the major beneficiaries of the system.  If you try to enter into litigation with a large company, you may fear that they will simply drag it out forever and wear you down until you can no longer afford to pay legal costs.  In many circumstances, this fear may be justified.  However, there are some developments which are making legal advice more accessible to people.   The interenet is the most powerful tool of communication ever invented and many solicitors are beinging to provide legal advice through online forums such as this one.  Indeed, our lawyers will chat to you about your legal problem with you now if you so desire, or you can leave your contact details and some details about your matter and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss this with you.   Finally you can post your legal question to one of our partner sites in order to take advantage of the online revolution in legal services.


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