International Business Partnerships with China

China is now Australia’s largest trade and one of Australia’s largest investment partners. Australia exports over $40bn worth of products and services every year to China and imports more than $60bn worth of products and services from China. Australia exports tourism, education, mineral and agricultural products to China and imports electronics, textiles, furniture and household goods from China. Cross-border investment levels between China and Australia are also higher than they have ever been. Australian investment in China currently stands at $70.2b and China’s investment in Australia is approximately $85bn. Managing relationships with China can be fraught with difficulty without adequate understanding of the legal elements of the relationship in both countries.

In Australia, there are numerous laws and regulations regarding the export of products and the enforcement of contracts with overseas customers and suppliers. Enforcing rights under contracts in China is still more complicated and the drafting of international agreements needs to consider all of these factors before settling on the legal elements of a business relationship. The mechanisms of international dispute resolution are also particularly complex which requires careful analysis of the requirements of the relationship under consideration.

Our firm maintains deep links to all of the major cities in China which means that we can provide you with referrals to quality service providers in China if domestic legal services in China are required.

We can provide assistance with the following issues:

– International Supply Agreements
– International Distributorship Agreements
– Customs and Import/Export Control
– Trade Finance Agreements
– Contract Enforcement in Australia
– International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
– International Joint Ventures
– International Investment Agreements and Regulation
– Incorporation and Business Formation in Australia
– Advice on Business Relationship Establishment in Overseas markets

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