How can we help innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, researchers and technology industries?

The world is now dominated by the advancement of technologies which are fundamentally changing the world. The companies which define our reality like Google, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Telsa, Amazon, Whatsapp and a handful of others were once startups in someone’s garage. There is now a new generation of people who are taking up the innovation mantle and seeking to reinvent the world with new ideas and technologies which will reshape the world and improve our lives. We are excited to be involved with the next generation of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs that will change the world and seek to provide a market leading service to innovation industries.

We also understand that the beginning of a startup can be a time when costs are high and revenue is low which is why we work hard to make sure that our services have a high level of accessibility and our rates are therefore very reasonable. The establishment phase of a business is also the time when high-quality legal services can make the biggest difference because having the correct legal structures in place sets the foundation for growth. Our aim is to partner with you and grow with you from the ground up which is why we value making our services accessible to you. Some of the examples of ways in which we can help innovators, startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and technology industries include:

– business structuring and registration
– intellectual property protection
– data security and confidentiality
– privacy law advice
– employment law for the innovation industry
– business contracts
– investment and loan agreements
– international legal aspects of innovation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to enquire about the services we can offer for your startup.