Bitcoin Lawyers – Fintech Compliance

Bitcoin is the first widely known digital currency. We are proud to announce that we now accept bitcoin as a form of payment and provide bitcoin and blockchain compliance services. Blockchain technology and more broadly, smart contracts, are widely viewed as the future of a variety of industries. Bitcoin allows transactions to be conducted almost instantly, globally and with an extremely high degree of probity. The global blockchain system is not controlled by any one central bank. There are many advantages to a decentralised system of currency. It has reduced transaction costs and provides greater security than traditional forms of currency. This new technology can also be applied to title registries, currency or any transaction that requires third-party verification.

Cryptocurrency Services which we can assist with include advising on:

– Financial Services Licensing
– Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency
– Cryptocurrency Investments
– Bitcoin Exchanges and ATMs and mining operations
– Contractual Clauses and Bitcoin Compliance