If you are a company and you have annual reporting obligations, we offer registered agent services for your company to be able to lodge your essential ASIC company documents through us. We streamline the process and provide you with reminders about when you need to provide information. We hold registered agent status with ASIC and can look after these issues and details for you if you are running any kind of company. Some of the basic information about registered agent services is available here:

Who can be a registered agent?

The role of a registered agent is an important one. A registered agent must meet the registration criteria and ASIC’s expectations of agent conduct to maintain registration. Many accountancy and legal firms are registered with us as agents. Registered agents (company) are usually members of specific Industry Associations that recognise the qualifications of these individuals and firms.

Often, a registered agent (company) will also be a Tax Agent, lodging documents on behalf of businesses and companies with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). We also provide this service and if you would like to become a tax client of our company and need a registered agent service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a registered agent?

A company may choose to deal directly with us, use the services of a casual lodging party, or may choose to use the services of a registered agent. There are currently two categories of registered agents. Registered agent (company) — they receive documents and lodge changes for companies they represent. The other category is a Registered agent (charges lodger) — they register and maintain company charges online.