Land and Property Legal Documents We have a commercial lease form available for immediate download. We also have a range of legal document templates available to assist you with the formalization of legal transactions related to land and property.

1. Business property leases

Net Lawman host the most comprehensive range of business property leases and leases for commercial proprty on the net. Choose from our most popular comprehensive lease and use it for any type of real, commercial property, or choose a business lease which has been tailored to suit specific types of property such as a unit in an industrial estate or offices above a shop. Net Lawman also stock business property licenses for when a lease is too certain.

2. Fractional (shared) ownership

Shared ownership is a cost effective, resourceful way of making the most of your money and assets. Whether you want a written agreement to set the terms upon which you’ll share the holiday villa in Europe with your relatives, or whether you simply don’t want your yacht to go un-sailed all Summer, by using written fractional ownership agreements, you can share the ownership and use of almost any asset – from a horse, to a luxury car, a catamaran, holiday cottage or caravan.

3. Holiday accommodation

If you own a holiday property and rent it out to guests, you’ll need terms and conditons to ensure the property and (your belongings if you keep some there) are secured. These agreements are watertight, yet have been drawn specifically not to scare away potential holiday makers with legal jargon. Written in plain English, they are drawn to include sensible and practical provisions for a simple holiday rental solution. Whatever the type of property – holiday cottage, caravan, flat or villa – you own, you’ll find a holiday letting agreement to fit.

4. Options to buy

This is the most comprehensive collection of document options to buy land and property available on the net. These option agreements are suitable for any real property – which you choose depends on how comfortable you are with using legal documents as well as the type of option you require for your real property. The conditonal contract, where the sale of the property is agreed subject to planning permission, is one of the most popular agreements.

5. Residential tenancy

Here we host numerous property agreements, forms and documents for landlords, tenants and agents of real property. Whether you need assured residential tenancy agreements property licenses, a property inventory, an HIP template or any other residential property document or agreement, we are very likely to have it here.

6. Trusts

Documents for establishment of a Discretionary Trust

Land and Property Legal Documents