Welcome to Lawyers and Legal Services Australia

Welcome to Lawyers and Legal Services Australia

We are a full service law firm based in Sydney, Australia offering legal services in commercial law, family law, wills and estates and property law.  We understand that have quality legal representation can represent an enormous turning point in your life and the difference that having a good lawyer can make to solving problems.

How can a good lawyer help me?

Obtaining appropriate legal advice can be an essential turning point in your life. Lawyers advise on aspects of the rights which you enjoy as a citizen that can have a serious impact on your life. If you are buying or selling a house, or a business, or if you are going through a divorce, or if you are trying to determine who will be given the benefits from your estate these are all situations where having appropriate legal advice is essential to ensure that your rights are protected and that the way that your rights are structured in relation to others around you is appropriate for your situation.

How do I get access to a lawyer?

Obtaining legal advice and representation is not easy. The fees charged by lawyers make it very difficult to obtain legal advice. However, there are services available which make legal services much more accessible to the general public than would otherwise be the case and thankfully the internet is a remarkably powerful tool for facilitating this. We have lawyers available online now to answer your queries at very low cost comparatively to other services. We also provide legal document services at very reasonable prices.

What are some of the key legal issues?

There are problems which everyone comes across where you need a lawyer to give you a hand to sort it out. In the first place, whenever you are involved with a transaction which requires any form of administration, you will almost always need a legal document to formalize the transaction. Having a lawyer assist you with this will be of great benefit because they are a person with experience, qualifications and training in the field who can apply their expertise to solve your problem for you. Some of the most common things that people get assistance from a lawyer with are to buy or sell a house, if you have been sued or arrested or if you need a will or you have been left out of one or if there is a difficult situation arising in your family which means that you may need to look at the possibility of getting a divorce and dividing the property between you and your spouse or getting assistance with arranging the custody of children. In all of these events in life, having legal advice and assistance can be of great benefit.